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PerPlant's Jarvis

Using Artificial Intelligence to process HD images on the edge - in the field - Perplant enables automated spraying at centimeter precision

Detect Anomalies

Generate Prescriptions

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It works in three simple steps

Captures data using cameras mounted on farmers' existing equipment


Using AI on the edge to process the images in real-time and generate prescription rates


Integrates directly with sprayers and sprays according to prescription rates


Jarvis Dash

Jarvis Dash is an in-cabin screen display that allows the farmer to:

  • View section-specific real-time target rates

  • View and calibrate agronomic calibration parameters, and sensor calibration parameters

  • View real-time video of the field from the sensor

  • Connect through ISOBUS integration to tractor implements (sprayer, spreader, etc.)

Jarvis Sense

Jarvis Sense is a high-resolution camera that can:

  • Capture and process pictures on the edge in many bands that are invisible to the naked eye

  • Perform precise image geotagging based on an in-built GPS

  • Use a light sensor to adapt images based on ambient light without sacrificing high quality

Plant GIS

A web-based farm management app allows the farmer to perform post-operational analysis of their fields which includes per plant level insights

Cloud Connected

Perplant Jarvis sensor is cloud connected which allows the farmer to:

  • Automatically transfer data to their cloud storage space after every operation, eg to use for external documentation purposes and authorities

  • View their fields in detail right on their smartphone or a desktop computer

Plant-level Insights

The data captured by the PerPlant Jarvis sensor is based on high resolution (5cm/pixel), which allows the farmer to:

  • View very detailed plant health maps and their respective treatment suggestions

  • Control future treatment operations based on a detailed analysis of the GIS dashboard

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