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Combine grading and spot spraying with one integrated solution

The sensor's 3 steps



Assemble and install

The sensor can be mounted on the front roof of the tractor (possibly in front of a GPS antenna) and connected to all ISOBUS implements (see which further down). Installation takes 30-60 minutes, after which you are ready for step 2. PerPlant's app can be accessed via mobile phone or job computer and, among other things, tell you how much fertilizer/plant protection you need to pour into the tank before driving.


Run and optimize

The sensor monitors and registers biomass and weeds on-the-go down to cm level, which is then used to generate allocation rates and subsequent field planning and analysis. By doing it on-the-go, you ensure that the dosages correspond to the exact now-and-here picture of the state of the field. Allocation rates are automatically forwarded to the implement at the back via section and dosage control, after which the implement (see which ones below) either grades the seed, fertiliser, fungicide or growth regulator, or carries out spot spraying. You decide the strategy yourself - whether you want to redistribute, combine redistribution with reduction or spot spraying. You can also follow the dosage rates on your job computer or PerPlant's screen.



When you have driven through the field, the sensor has automatically collected and stored all data in the cloud, which you can now use for analysis of e.g. the crop's N uptake, productivity zones, planning of seed maps, as well as for documentation to the authorities. The sensor also automatically improves its own understanding of your field in step with overpasses.

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1. Assemble


The sensor can be easily installed in 30 min. and is then ready for use. A PerPlant app is also included, which is automatically installed on your job computer or PerPlant screen. This app will allow you to keep track of the dosage rates as you drive in the field. It will also store this data. Before you drive, the app tells you how much fertiliser/seed/plant protection you should pour into the tank, so that your resources are not wasted.

The sensor can be used with

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 12.12.55.png
Skærmbillede 2023-09-22 kl. 12.13.33.png

(via ISOBUS)

Fertilizer or slurry spreader
(via ISOBUS)

Without connection
(scanning the field)

Below you can see some of the most used tractors and implements with which the sensor has been connected


However, the sensor works on all the ISOBUS brands below:


The crop sensor can be used with

Wheat Grass seed Potatoes Rapeseed Corn Sugar beet Barley Oats

The advantages of the sensor

PerPlant sensor has a payback period of approx. 1 year

By using the sensor for both grading and spot spraying, you can achieve a quick effect in the form of increased yield and reduced use of plant protection


The sensor optimizes your time by reducing technical barriers

You don't have to monitor the field yourself with a camera, get a third party to do it, prepare allocation cards, transfer data via USB stick, upgrade licenses, make sure your terminal can read files or spend time on technology

PerPlant's sensor increases yield by up to 10%

By redistributing fertiliser, slurry and seed according to precise measurements according to biomass in the field, you can achieve a more uniform field, less risk of rental seed and thus a greater yield gain

The sensor reduces your consumption of plant protection by up to 80%

Wha. precise measurements of the field's current state down to the centimeter level, as well as dosages then in real-time ensure a very accurate allocation of inputs in the field, which optimizes your consumption

Calculate how much the sensor can optimize for you

What farmers say about us


"No technology company on the market can directly reduce the amount of pesticides by 30-70% for so little money."


"The sensor makes it possible to let a less trained person take over the field tasks, as the sensor does the work"


“You can mount it on my tractor this afternoon if you like!
I was expecting a much more expensive price level."

Order a free sensor to try

If you are interested in trying our product, you can fill out the form below and will be contacted with further information.

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