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Agriculture / Agronomy

How does the PerPlant sensor increase the harvest yield?

Agriculture includes agriculture and also agronomy , which is expertise within this particular area. Plant advisors are many farmers' right-hand man when it comes to their farming strategy, and further decisions around new equipment and other major investments. With the development of technology it becomes easier and easier to optimize one's farming but at the same time more and more difficult to find your way around, as there are so many options on the market. Agricultural technology is the future but what should you choose and how much do you want to invest..? - because the danger of something better coming in 2 years time is likely.

The PerPlant sensor is a precision technology (read more here ) which is easy and simple to use. The farmer can use it himself without an expert by his side, and then it is in a price range that everyone can participate in.
It can also be retrofitted, i.e. it fits all machines and equipment as long as ISOBUS is connected.

The sensor can perform allocation and spot spraying (read more here ), sowing, allocation cards (read more here ), and also contributes to a more sustainable agriculture (read more here ).


You are welcome to contact us at the link below so that you can get a better sense of the sensor and its contribution to your specific field and equipment:

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