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Sustainable agriculture

What is sustainable agriculture and
how does the PerPlant sensor contribute to the green transition?

Sustainable agriculture is a holistic approach to agricultural practices that prioritizes environmental, social and economic sustainability. This includes the use of regenerative methods such as agroecology, organic farming and permaculture, which aim to build and maintain healthy soil conditions, preserve biodiversity and minimize the use of chemical inputs.

Through the use of advanced technologies, data-driven management and innovations such as precision agriculture and smart farming practices, sustainable agriculture seeks to balance agricultural productivity with the conservation of ecosystem services and resources.

The PerPlant sensor is one of the precision technologies that can help with a more sustainable agriculture, as the sensor optimizes the use of fertiliser, plant protection and pesticides. The sustainable agricultural methods of the future are essential to meet the challenges of climate change, land degradation and ensure global food security in a way that respects the planet's limits and the needs of future generations.

The PerPlant sensor is primarily resource-saving , and can, among other things, reduce the use of plant protection by up to 80% . This ensures that far fewer pesticides seep into the groundwater which is both healthier for the earth and the climate but also for us as consumers.

The PerPlant sensor's optimization potential also contributes to achieving the 6/17 UN global goals :

2. Stop hunger

6. Clean water and sanitation

12. Responsible consumption and production

13. Climate action

14. Life in the sea

15. Life on land


Read more about this here .

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If you are curious about how much the PerPlant sensor can contribute to your path to greener agriculture, click below, fill in the form, and get a free demonstration of the sensor on your field and equipment.

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