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Allocation card

How does the PerPlant sensor contribute?
for an easy and simple process on allocation cards?

The allocation map is the focal point if you want to get something out of precision agriculture as this map allows for the varied allocation in the crop.
See the page: precision agriculture or allocation and spot spraying, for further information on these and the PerPlant sensor's contribution to this.

An allocation map is made as a starting point on the basis of a photosynthesis analysis that has been carried out on the basis of drone or satellite data.
Photosynthesis analysis is, in short, an analysis of the back-radiation of light from the crop.

After a year, the PerPlant sensor can create these allocation maps by itself, and until then will use satellite history for the design.

This means that with the PerPlant sensor, you do not have to analyze and create the map yourself, nor are USB plugs necessary to insert into the terminal, as it is all stored in the cloud.

Source:,ud%20fra%20drone%2D %20or%20satellite data

Screenshot 2023-09-12 à 15.05.19.png

If you also don't want to spend time on the preparation of allocation cards but instead be in the field, contact us at the link below and see how easy your work can be:

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