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Precision agriculture

What is precision agriculture and
what role does the PerPlant sensor play in this area?

Precision agriculture also referred to as precision farming, uses satellite images, drones, GPS, sensors and other technical equipment to control where and when to sow, fertilize, spray and harvest so that it is as precise as possible. This results in a higher harvest yield and savings of resources including money and time. Fewer costs are therefore used, and the farmer achieves a higher income, while also meeting the new environmental initiatives from the government. The PerPlant sensor is one of the precision technologies that can be used to precisely optimize the farmer's yield, resources and earnings.

Contrary to some of the other precision technologies, the PerPlant sensor is independent of anyone but you. You can control and use the sensor yourself, without consultants, technicians or others having to go out and help. In addition, the sensor is a more economical solution, and therefore does not require a larger print, as drones do for example.

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If you would like to have a free demonstration of the sensor on your field and tractor, contact us at the link below so you can see how much you can optimize.

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