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Gateway to the future of sustainable farming

Optimize every second and every inch on the farm using PerPlant's state of the art AI-based sensor system

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Our Mission

PerPlant's mission is to help farmers accelerate their transition into sustainable farming by democratizing access to Artificial Intelligence.

We believe that farmers want to make a better planet for all of us by growing high quality food and at the same time caring for our climate, environment, and biodiversity.

To help them manage this delicate balance PerPlant's AI technology provides unparalleled precise insights into their plants' health. This allows farmers to treat their plants with what they exactly need, and avoid wasting unnecessary chemicals including pesticides, fertilizers, or growth regulators.

Benefitting the farmer & benefitting the planet.

PerPlant's Jarvis

Using Artificial Intelligence to process HD images on the edge - in the field - PerPlant enables automated spraying with centimeter precision

Detect Anomalies

Generate Prescriptions

Sensor mounted on the tractor scanning the field at regular intervals
AI based Realtime biomass and disease detection

Captures data using cameras mounted on farmers' existing equipment


Using AI on the edge to process the images in real-time and generate prescription rates


Integrates directly with sprayers and sprays according to prescription rates



Our technology offers a multi-value offering that not only benefits farmers but also reduces the negative impact on the planet

Reducing Chemicals

Increasing Yield


A Greener Planet

Sensor-based target rate reduces Pesticide, Fertilizer, and Growth Regulators usage by up to 80%

Selective spraying increases yield by up to 10% and uniforms nutrients in crops

Preparation, creation, and execution of prescription maps in the field are reduced by up to 20 hours thanks to precision spray automation

The spraying of chemicals has a significant impact on the environment, insects, and our planet. Variable-rate spraying reduces this impact


Fully Automated

Leaf level insights

Plug & Play

Cost effective

ISOBUS supported sensor installation integrates easily with tractor and other implements to support automated variable-rate spraying

Based on leaf-level data collection and processing of HD images, farmers gain access to unparalleled precise insights on the health of their plants

The tractor-mounted sensors remove the need for pre-planning friction as they are ready-to-go, always accessible, require no third parties involved, are weather-independent (even in cloudy and windy conditions), and are future-proof for climate change

The sensor costs 50% less than the cheapest competitive technology allowing more farmers to take part in the transition


"No tech companies in the market that can reduce the amount of pesticides directly with 30-70% for so little money.."


"You can mount it on my tractor this afternoon if you like! I expected a much more expensive price level"


"Can we agree on a letter of intent where I get exclusive investment rights in your company?"


What farmers say about us


A global venture capital fund backs us with our capital requirements.

Our technology originates from research at one of the world's top-ranked technological institutes ie, KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and also advised by the University of Oxford.

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