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Below you can read about our posts in various media and articles.

Everyone must have the opportunity to get started with precision spraying.

"Danish PerPlant comes with artificial intelligence that can get more people started with autonomous spot spraying, with savings of up to 15% of normal chemical/fertilizer consumption."

- MaskinBladet , Esben Henneberg Nielsen, d. 24/11/2022

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Investeringsfond bets on the Nordic region as a power plant

"Danish PerPlant has developed a type of sensor for tractors that can reduce pesticides and excess fertiliser."

- Børsen Bæredygtig, Mette Dahlgaard, d. 28/11/2022

Skærmbillede 2023-09-20 kl. 15.32.45.png
Skærmbillede 2023-09-20 kl. 15.32.45.png

PerPlant's Rasmus Emil Hansen on taking precision agriculture to the edge

"Recently, PerPlant completed a $670,000 pre-seed round from VCs Foortprint Firm and global VC Antler ."

- AgFunder Network , Jennifer Marston, d. 07/14/2023

A new AI-powered platform is helping farmers adopt precision agriculture to bring down costs and environmental impacts

"Aiding farmers in this is startup PerPlant and its Jarvis platform, which relies on high-definition cameras attached to existing farm sprayers."

- SpringWise , Lisa Magloff, d. 12/10/2023

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