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Our history

PerPlant stems from a desire to democratize the use of precision agriculture in agriculture. The technology behind PerPlant was developed at KTH University (Sweden), and is based on the latest available research within edge processing and deep tech for sensor technology. Successful research results showed that the technology was ready for commercial launch, which made it possible to participate in a global startup accelerator program facilitated by the venture capital fund Antler.

With a background from agriculture, we ourselves have experienced the need to make the use of inputs more efficient than is done today, as well as the challenge of being able to balance limited quantities with the need to increase the yield. The challenge created the incentive to find an easy way to gain a more detailed insight into the specific needs of the crops, as well as tools to act on these insights when the time was right. The most important thing was that it should be easy - because with a busy everyday life in the field and with changing weather conditions, timing is crucial - therefore control must lie with the farmer - not the technology.

PerPlant and the technology behind it have today achieved wide recognition in major international and local media such as AgFunder, Eit Food, Landbrugsavisen, Børsen, etc., and today several farmers have used PerPlant sensors on their fields to monitor crops, reduce the use of inputs , increase their yield and save time and costs.


To make it easy for farmers to use precision technology to optimize inputs and increase yields


Create sustainable agriculture for the benefit of both farmers and the planet


Simple & f lexible




Meet PerPlant

Cooperation partners

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