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Setting a path towards the future of precision farming

The technology behind PerPlant was invented at KTH University (Sweden) in 2021 based on the newest available research within edge processing and deep tech for sensor technology. Successful research results showed that the technology was ready for the commercial launch which allowed the team to join a global startup accelerator program facilitated by the VC investor Antler .

Having grown up on a farm that grows Nordmann Fir Christmas trees and experienced the inefficiencies of even spread of fertilizers ourselves, the team started interviewing farmers about their challenge with balancing limited amounts of chemicals with a need to increase yield. A challenge that would require more detailed insights on what their crops specifically need and tools to act upon these insights whenever the timing is right.

At the beginning of 2022 PerPlant and its concept were selected as one of the most promising start-ups in the Antler program which resulted in a pre-seed investment.

Today farmers are using PerPlant sensors in their field to monitor crops, reduce usage of fertilizer and pesticides and increase their yield.

By & For Farmers

Spending time with farmers monitoring their fields and understanding their root needs is what PerPlant is all about. We work closely with expert agronomists to understand precisely what farmers want from their fields and crops to make sure that PerPlant's technology will make every plant count .

Also, we understand that farmers are busy during the season and that timing is everything. Precision technology should therefore support flexible decision-making by being available exactly when the farmer needs it, showing the exact plant health, and operating in real-time. This is also what differentiates our real-time sensor from other technologies like drones and satellites.

Meet The Team

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Sumod Nandanwar

Co-founder & CTO

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Rasmus Emil Hansen

Co-founder & CEO

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